How to start Restoration Groups at your church

A road map to for building Restoration Groups at your church.

1: Get familiar with the structure

  • Here is a brief written description of Restoration Groups.
  • Read the Redemption book, by Mike Wilkerson, which serves as the curriculum.
  • Seek out testimonies. Hear how some lives have been changed by God in Restoration Groups.
  • Get to an Intensive. If you can attend an Intensive toward the beginning of your development process, it helps to get a clearer picture of what you’re about to build.

2: Apply
We want to partner with churches and other ministries to help them equip their leadership teams to run Restoration Groups across Australia, because we have seen God at work through this ministry. Part of that equipping is to provide Restoration Group experiences because we know that for leaders to lead the ministry well, they need to go through the process themselves first.

When applying, you’ll need to identify a Site Leader. The Site Leader is the ministry leader responsible for the Restoration Groups ministry at your organisation. The Site Leader, along with other leaders from your organisation, would need to receive a leadership recommendation at an Intensive. The Site Leader also needs to be the primary person who understands how to build, maintain, and grow the ministry.


Once your application is approved, we’ll add you to the waiting list to be trained at a Restoration Group Intensive. (In some cases, we may be able to connect you with churches in your area who also run Restoration Groups—your team may be able to get Restoration Group experience by partnering with another ministry for a season). In the meantime, you should be recruiting and training leaders as biblical counsellors.

3: Train

Ministries seeking to launch Redemption Groups should expect to spend six to twelve months preparing their leaders and organisations, including trying to run leader trainees through two to three group cycles before leading.


The Restoration Group Intensive could fall anywhere within that training period. While training at an Intensive is required before launching Restoration Groups, you are expected to be developing your leaders before and after this also.

At the Intensive, your leaders will receive feedback and a leadership recommendation from their group leaders, using a feedback form like this. Normally, to launch Restoration Groups, you’d have at least two men and two women, including the Site Leader, receive a recommendation to lead before you launch your groups.

4: Launch

Churches who successfully implement their training plans are granted a license to use the group materials, name and branding.

Restoration Group™ and Restoration Groups™ are trademarks of Restore Ministries, and may not be used without a licensing agreement.