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Be Strong

In a house with four sons, being strong is important. I don’t know how many times I have overheard conversations about who is the fastest or the smartest, who can jump the highest or who can make the best tackle, who can think the fastest or who has the most brute strength. In one way or another, being strong is the order of the day in the Sondergeld house.

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A Surprise in the Sadness

I went to my cousin’s funeral the other day. It was sad – for a bunch of reasons. It was sad because a man had died. It was sad because he was young. It was sad because he had three kids he left behind. His life had been difficult. He had struggled with many things and his passing will leave a permanent scar on his family, but in the middle of the sadness, surrounded by people who share my last name, a strange feeling snuck up on me. A feeling I wasn’t looking for and didn’t expect.

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