Christians Against Poverty


Welcome to Restore Ministries, we’re glad you’re here.

You might have heard about us at the recent CAP Conference. If not, we equip the local church to be transformative in the details of life.

Roughly monthly we provide resources to encourage and minister to those working in churches and other organisations, through sending an email.

Why we think CAP Staff & Volunteers will like our emails.

  1. We both work with people and desire to get down into the details of life lived

  2. The resources that Restore Ministries creates will be directly relevant to the work that you do with CAP ministry

  3. It will skill you up to bring transformation in the lives of people that you are seeking to help

  4. Hours of free content and counting

  5. You were at CAP Conference, and want to hear more of what Peter Sondergeld was talking about

Check out our most recent resources, to see what we’ve been up to.

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